Automotive Grade Vinyl Must Be Used on Car Magnetic Stickers

Car magnets are widely used for advertising. Not only are they cost-effective but they are also use very flexible tools for promoting different types of businesses. Because these types of advertising tools are easy to produce and don’t require a huge budget to implement, small businesses and start-ups often rely on car signs to make their name ubiquitous, especially when promoting to local consumers. These magnets can easily be installed on any type of vehicle. Unlike permanent decals, these graphics can easily be removed and reused as needed.

Before car signage, vinyl decals were used with powerful adhesives for the vehicle wraps, which, when removed can ruin the paint job of the vehicle. Today, however, trusted car signs manufacturers use automotive-grade vinyl to produce the magnets that won’t damage your car even when the advertisement is removed or transferred from one vehicle to another. These car stickers of today don’t require industrial-grade adhesives that are used to secure vinyl wraps in place, making application and removal of car advertisements risk-free.

Another advantage of automotive grade vinyl is that it can withstand wind resistance even during high-speed travel. Additionally, car stickers made out of this type of material are also geared to withstand even the harshest outdoor elements, which is especially useful against the extreme Australian weather.

When having promotional magnets produced, choose a company that specialises in the design and production of high-quality magnet. Ask about their process and the material they use for their end product to make sure that you are getting the best value and quality out of your budget.

A car sticker should be made from only the best quality materials like automotive-grade vinyl, so they won’t easily fall off during travel and won’t cause any paint damage on your vehicle once you decide to change up your advertisement or use a different vehicle for mobile advertising. Other materials will leave your car’s exterior scratched, discoloured, and damaged. Automotive grade vinyl, on the other hand, will leave it smooth and good as new even with prolonged use.

It is easy to spot a poorly crafted car magnet from a high-quality and professionally made product. The best quality car sign magnets are barely there so as to blend perfectly with your car’s aerodynamics, without making installation and removal a challenge. They also have smooth edges and can retain the original colour of the graphics even after months of use.

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